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Zeolite is the stone of spirituality and healing.

It heals negativity to bring happiness, Cleanses energy and physical space. 

The zeolite healing crystal is a rare, unique, and beautiful mineral that belongs to Tectosilicate minerals. There are nearly 45 natural crystals that are part of the Zeolite family. Zeolite crystal has amazing healing properties.

Zeolite healing crystals are quite different from the rest of the crystals and are a very important part of the group of healing crystals.

Zeolites are known to detoxify the body and drain out all the negativity from your mind, body, and soul.

Zeolite crystal is associated with the top chakra, the Crown Chakra. When your crown chakra is stimulated, all your chakras start to align better.

You are more aware of the energies channeling within and around you. You see the spirits of all life.

In the beginning, you might not be able to process and control the energies you’ve awakened but with time, you’ll master to tame them as required.


Apophyllite has a high vibration that will energize you and raise your spirits.
Apophyllite helps bring spiritual light into one’s life. It helps open gateways to the higher realms and facilitates a connection with one’s spiritual guides.

This beautiful crystal has a way of helping one to relax. It encourages the release of stress and tension so that both the mind and the body can become light and free. This crystal can also aid in spiritual awakenings. It helps to open the third eye, embracing one’s psychic gifts and encouraging visions while meditation.

For beginners who have just started working with crystals, we recommend placing grounding stones around your piece of Apophyllite. The energies can sometimes feel too strong and overwhelm practitioners who have not experienced a very high vibrational stone before. Some grounding stones we suggest that will keep you linked to earth are Black Tourmaline, Shungite or Hematite.


Zodiac - Libra & Gemini

Chakra - Third Eye & Crown

This piece weighs 2.132kg