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Our Beginner Crystal kit is carefully hand picked and curated stones that will set you on your new journey to the world of crystals.

Maybe you are intrigued with the talk about crystals and how they are being used to help more people on their healing journey, or maybe you want to dab your toes into this magical mysterious world of crystals, whatever your reason these 5 crystals can help you in all aspects of your life from love and health to success and happiness.

This kit includes 

1 x Amethyst  - known to bring a sense of tranquility and helps to calm the mind, perfect for healing, health and to promote sleep. Also enhances creativity and passion for life.

1 x Selenite  - carrying a calming and purifying energy, selenite is a great cleanser of any negativity and brings a deep sense of inner peace. Also helps keep the other crystals around it cleansed and charged simply by being near them.

1 x Rose Quartz - Known to attract new love, promote self love and bring harmony to all forms of relationships. This stone brings deep inner peace and soothes the heart. Great one to keep in the bedroom for a relaxing night’s sleep

1 x Black Tourmaline - Perfect as a stone of protection, courage and strength. Ideal size to hold in your hands to access its healing properties or use during meditation sessions, it protects against electromagnetic radiation. It also increases energy levels and motivation while attracting good luck and abundance.

1 x Clear Quartz - This stone is the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet by helping to ramp up the energy of the other stones. Known as the Master Healer with a high vibration of positivity. It's a powerful manifestation stone to bring about your goals, desires and any intentions that you set.


Before beginning to use this kit, please ensure that the crystals are cleansed the first time you begin to use them.

(Note: Crystals are cleansed at Soul Warrior with Sage prior, however it would still be worthwhile to start fresh with your own energy and intentions).

You can sit each day and hold your crystals in your hands for a few minutes and take 5 deep breaths.

 Visualize yourself and feel the healing energies of the crystals.

Set your intentions with your crystals and let them know exactly what it is you need them to help you with. 

You can say a few affirmations to align with the intentions you have set such as

*'I am ready to receive all my blessing from the universe'

*'I am confident, courageous and strong'

*'I receive love, peace and harmony on a daily Basis'

*I am healthy, happy and successful'

You can place the crystals in you home or work space, or you can keep them in the pouch they come in and keep them in your handbag or near you.


PLEASE NOTE: The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that stones are unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour, sizing, pattern and striations.