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This Confidence Crystal Kit comes with 5 assorted roughs and tumbles, 

- Tigers eye 
- Green Aventurine
- Fluorite
- Opalite
- Amethyst 

Carry these stones with you or use them in grid work for bringing all kinds of balance and Confidence into your life.

Tigers Eye - It is believed to encourage inner strength and motivation to succeed, renewing a sense of confidence. Great for kids at school or Adults everyday tasks. Tigers eye is believed to balance the Yin & Yang and helps bring balance and confidence to your emotions and improves your mood. It’s spiritually great for mental stability and motivation to succeed.

Green Aventurine -  is spiritually believed to relieve mental and physical anxiousness and calm one’s emotions. It is believed to aid in protecting and healing one’s heart as well as stabilising the mind. It’s believed to aid in optimism, assists in releasing old habits and invites a  LIFE OF NEW BEGINNINGS. It brings inner stability helping you change and accept change. A spiritual healing crystal helping dissolve negative emotions aiding in mental and emotional healing.

Fluorite - is spiritually believed to encourage orderly thinking, increase concentration, assist in balance and aids in staying focused. It is believed to be an excellent learning stone for the office or study. It helps to learn and understand new things and promotes fast responses. It’s believed to help with organisation, planning, staying focused, and calming stress or chaos. It’s believed to aid in everyday life and routines increasing self-confidence.

Opalite - is a stone of personal power that is known to increase self-esteem and improve self-esteem. Along with these empowering qualities, it also triggers the associated quality of inner strength to discover and express a person's deeper, more buried feelings. Opalite can be used when you undergo major changes because it helps make smooth transitions. This benefits all kinds of life changes, large and small. A few examples of this can be moving house, entering into a new relationship or getting a new job. It is said about opalite that it can be useful for business success, and helps in manifesting wealth. Opalite promotes supportive properties of perseverance and the ability to overcome exhaustion and fa-tigue, as well as improved communication.

Amethyst- Spiritually Amethyst is a calming stone, promoting inner peace, balance and calmness. It is believed to be a healing crystal with the ability to block negativity. Amethyst is spiritually believed to assist in healing anxiety, depression and dissolve anger. Amethyst is believed to assist in deep sleep and connecting you to a higher level of spirituality.

 *Each crystal is intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive however please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations. 

All kits are cleansed when packing, we recommend you cleanse them yourself also and set your intentions.